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11/27/2010 15:41

NEW Anime

So okay, I'm already working on my new anime Angel, It's about these five girls who get turned into five elemental angels to uh save the world. ( cute right?) I'm still thinking about the opening and endings, and also still working on transformations/ episode one. I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO...


11/27/2010 15:27


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 it's been so long everyone, so for the long delay on posting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"ll be starting my NEW anime Angel soon, so I'm very busy. -divas905


11/30/2009 18:58

Manga and Anime

I love manga and...


11/16/2009 15:29

I`m Bored

I`m so bored,i don`t even know what to write(I`m typing this).So if you read this, plese e-mail me ideas.Please, man i`m so bored.(i`ll die).


11/10/2009 16:26


one day i might write stories and post games.but don`t feel right about it.i`m so bored.oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that the videos are in the photogallery.


11/09/2009 22:48

Visitors notice

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11/09/2009 22:47

Website launched

Our new website has been launched on November 9,2009


11/09/2009 16:58

this is new

this is my first web, it is so great to have this web, and thanks to all my fans.this is so great i can`t belive it!i don`t care about the typing,but this is so great.right?wow,i love music!wait,why am i talking about music?well,have fun!